Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who's searching for Steve Nash?

In a previous post we analyzed the trend and seasonality in Google searches for Kobe Bryant. We looked at another famously injured NBA star, Derrick Rose, as well as Lebron James. Let's turn our attention to another star who made lots of headlines for switching teams: Steve Nash.

Here's the raw data from Google Trends:

Using the same decomposition analysis detailed in the Kobe Bryant post, we get the following results:

We're starting to become experts analyzing these decompositions now.
One interesting insight is that, similarly to Derrick Rose and unlike Kobe and Lebron, Steve's peaks are indeed during the Playoffs, but in May as opposed to June, indicating that while he often makes the Playoffs he's never played a game in the Finals...

Of course we see a giant spike in the 2012 offseason, right after the 2012 Playoffs. Well Steve decided to take his talent from Phoenix to LA. We all know since then that the Lakers have not really impressed us this last season, but at the time the Steve-Kobe sent shockwaves worldwide!

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