Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 NBA Playoffs: Updated forecasts

What a first round this has been!

Things were rather quickly expedited in the East, including the surprising elimination of the #1 team Chicago Bulls, surprising until we saw the following video at least:

Meanwhile, the West was really the wild wild west and gave us some thrilling comebacks and two stressful game sevens.

Chicago was the favorite to win the Championship after the first two games of the playoffs with an estimated probability of victory of 17.9%. Its elimination has freed up some room but for whom?

Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Miami were the runner ups, and while the names of the next three teams hasn't changed, their order has:

NBA teamChampion Probability

However the results are slightly biased as of now in the sense that Miami and Oklahoma won their round 2 opener whereas San Antonio still hasn't played Game 1 against the Clippers. If it were to win, it would jump right back to the first spot with a probability of 24.6% of clinching the Larry O'Brien trophy, more than 3 percentage points ahead of Miami and Oklahoma City.

More updates at the end of round 2!

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